About Bioresonance Therapy


The therapy combines traditional methods of treatment developed over centuries with the latest achievements in quantum physics and computer technology.


It originated in the middle of the last century in Germany and was further developed in Russia. Now the Bioresonance method is used extensively throughout many European countries.


All cells, organs or organ systems in our body are the source of very small electromagnetic waves or oscillations. 


These are called harmonic waves and present in all healthy living organisms.


These oscillations may play an important role in exchanging information between cells, different organs and body structures.


When we get exposed to viruses, bacteria or other pathogens, we become influenced by their frequencies of electromagnetic waves and our natural harmonic balance changes.


Illness starts to develop when our body is no longer capable of restoring its natural healthy balance. This can happen when the body is weakened by stress (physical or emotional), by the presence of chronic conditions,weakened immune system or complications from previous treatments just to name a few.


The Bioresonance Method could help to detect such changes and restore natural physiological balance.







The Bioresonance Method

may assist in managing the following conditions:

• Colds and flu, as well as various bacterial and fungal infections


• Different types of allergies, including food allergies


• Women’s conditions (menstrual problems, hot flushes etc)


• Lack of energy, fatigue and exhaustion


• Different hormonal disturbances


• Digestive disturbances


• Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, allergies)


• Stress, anxieties




Bio-Resonance Therapy & Homeopathy