I'm a sufferer of severe dust allergies as well as cat allergies. I've taken antihistamines and

all sorts of medicine for these problems, but the most effective method so far has been Bio-Resonance Therapy! After using pills for several months I noticed a massive decrease in my sneezing and redness in reaction to dust and cat hair. I feel great!




Natalia is a fantastic practitioner.


Rachel, 19 years old, Newtown


I suffered third degree burns when a full kettle of water accidentally poured down my entire right arm. I had severe shock anxiety and pain. Natalia came to my aid with her homoeopathic drops -  one bottle was for my anxiety and shock and the other was to help heal the burn. The burns healed very quickly and the nurses were amazed at the pace of healing, and my anxiety and shock also lifted quickly after taking the drops. Natalia's methods are very accurate at pinpointing the problem area not only on the physical but also on the emotional level.


I highly recommend Natalia as competent and caring practitioner. Thank you Natalia,
I am grateful for all your care.


Petrina Hennessy, Rose Bay


I started my visits to Natalia a few years ago. I had a few health issues at that time. Going through menopause, I experienced severe hot flashes, sleeplessness, arthritis as well as emotional problems. Natalia advised me on specific foods and made me homeopathic remedies. Using her bio-resonance machine she made therapy specific to my body.

My menopause symptoms have now almost disappeared; it helped me getting back to a more balanced emotional state. I have much less arthritic pain and we are now working to reduce swelling in my joints.  


I recommend Natalia for her vast knowledge and enthusiasm.


Frida Kotlyar, Bondi

Bio-Resonance Therapy & Homeopathy