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The Universal Therapy (UT) method was developed by Russian doctor and psychologist Leonid Talpis and now is practised by many psychologists and allied health practitioners around the world.

Universal Therapy is a fusion of many existing therapies such as NLP, quantum psychology, Theta-healing, Family Constellations, and metaphoric associative cards, just to name a few.

UT uses a unique technique to bypass our logical mind and get through to deeper emotions and feelings.

According to the method, only about 10% of what happens to us right now comes from our current life and the rest comes from our ancestry line or the experiences of previous lives.

Family traumas, war traumas, vows and oaths, many strong emotions experienced in the past are often unknowingly carried and passed on through generations and affect how we feel and behave in the present.

A Kinesiology muscle test determines where the “block” of energy is and unique UT techniques (including work with metaphoric cards) allows us to resolve this block, helping energy to flow freely and restore the balance.

The practical applications of UT are endless – personal relationships, work, money, business, relationship with parents, relationship with yourself, relationship with siblings, career etc.

During your visit, we can start working directly with the presenting issue or can go through the “basics” of fundamental building blocks of our life, including:

  •   Work with inner man/woman

  •   Work with inner parent/adult/child

  •   Separation from the parents


Working on fundamentals allows us to clear any remaining blocks and issues that many of us carry through our life. Blocks usually come from our family unit and social regulations/norms we experience growing up in society.

Please contact me and we can find out what fits you best, whether it is a package or a separate personal consultation.

Working through a problem with UT gives us more perspective on life, more freedom and ultimately, more choice. Fundamentally, Universal Therapy allows us to stop treating our experiences too seriously and start participating in the game of life.

One consultation (45min – 1hr) $130

3 Fundamentals $360





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