Advantages of 

Bio-Resonance Therapy

• The Bioresonance method is individually tailored for each particular person. For example, the management of the same condition would vary in two different people who came on two different days.


This happens because each person has their own unique state of health that comprises of the status of the immune system, level of emotional and physical stress, psycho-emotional state as well as the presence of other illnesses etc.


Thereby, Bioresonance Therapy can present a highly INDIVIDUAL approach for each particular person.


• The Bioresonance method may assist in detecting imbalances in the body at an early stage well before they show up with conventional diagnostic methods. This may be because, in the initial stages of an illness, changes are happening on a functional level where it could be easier to reverse the process.


As an illness progresses, these changes develop further - the structure of cells and organs become altered, and other organs and systems may alter too. This is the stage where it is possible to detect an illness with conventional tests, however, this is also the stage when it is difficult to manage it.


• The Bioresonance method may assist in the early discovery of connections between different organs and body functions. Often, an imbalance in one organ is masked by the imbalance of another. The Bioresonance method may assist in detecting and treating the weakest organ, and, as a result, could re-balances the function of other organs and body systems.



• The Bioresonance method may be used in restoration of a healthy body balance without antibiotics, hormones or other harsh chemicals, as it uses the biophysical model of healing. The method is not used to treat the disease itself but may promote ability to self-regulation.



Bio-Resonance Therapy & Homeopathy